One night in a refuge...

One night in a shelter is a unique experience that everyone, sooner or later, they should be allowed.
The magic of golden sunsets and evening that night, the fire of the stove and the encounter with strangers but friends.
This experience will make you relive the spirit's oldest alpine refuge: a sheltered, farm from the stress and at the same time.
Our retreat has it all, with unique room composed of 18 more 10 beds; single, double and bunk.
each bed has a blanket for the night, light point for evening reading, bedside tables and wardrobes to store their belongings.
The dormitory also has an outdoor balcony to admire the whole valley and the view below, on the same floor there is a toilet for the night a hot water shower.

Welcome to Refuge Frasnedo

The Frasnedo Refuge is located in the municipality of Verceia (SO), in Valchiavenna. Frasnedo is a charming village in the Valley of the rats, to 1287 metres above sea level, reached by a trail that starts from Verceia to the end of the driveway-sylvo-pastoral Vico-Motta.

Direct route of an hour and a half walk at moderate pace, with the possibility of alternative routes along the river Frasnedo Hut Ratti.Il is a new and welcoming structure equipped with bar service, restaurant and accommodation and free Wi-Fi.La management is a family, will be offered traditional dishes of the area and maximum availability and cordiality, in an area of great naturalistic and landscape beauty.Our refuge be held open until the end of November, during the winter months will be open every weekend and by appointment during the week.

Winter bivouac

Our refuge is also a small room in vernal (bivouac) which is managed as a refuge during the summer and in the winter months when closes as shelter remains open and available for anyone.
The camp has a kitchen with gas stove, toilet with shower and also hot water (only in summer), a wood stove to keep warm in colder periods in addition to post there are 9 beds with blankets.





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Road permit

Once you arrive at Verceia don't forget to do the giornagliero permission that has a cost of 3 euros for the travelling on the road that leads to the Valley of rats.

Permission can be done in all the bars and also to the town of  Verceia.




Open Period

Summer season from 19 April to 8 December. Winter season every weekend and new year 's.  
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Tourist Agenda

As part of our welcome package we offer our guests a safe and enjoyable day out and about in our...
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