We go to the Primalpia bivouac...

To reach the bivouac Primalpia you must trace much of the Val of rats, leaving the car to Vico-Motta. Continue along the trail that winds on the right orographic side of the Valley, passing the tracciolino and just above the hamlet of Càsten, then get to Frasnedo by finding the path the Frasnedo Refuge (d. 1287), a popular spot in all seasons and set in a beautiful panoramic position.From the trail to Corveggia, then resume climbing.

You ignore a right deviation to the Passo del Culmine and a second after the deviation Tabiate, left the track for the Time, it comes down to a bridge to go into the Woods on the opposite side of the Valley.Following the red flags-white-reds climb up to alpe di Primalpia: after a first lawn at whose center is a large solitary larch, climb again to the top, where, along a long diagonal to the left, you will reach the Primalpia Bivouac is clearly visible. The effort is rewarded by the beautiful view of the lower Valley of rats and Lake Como.
This "bivouac" is provided by all gas stoves, some 20 sleeping places, a pantry, a fireplace where warm in colder periods with a wood shed outside the shelter, toilets with shower and hot water, electricity and finally a cassette of tenders where according to what we use pours. The journey time is about 4 hours, while the elevation exceeded in height is 1500 metres.
There are excursions that may have as a basis the bivouac. The head of the Valle dei Ratti (Maximum Picture Of Cas www.paesidivaltellina.it).
First of all the climb to passo di Primalpia, m. 2476 (or twin and less attended of Talamucca, m. 2522), and the subsequent descent into Valle Spluga and Cevo, Val Masino. The route makes a crossing to the left, then bend to the right and climb up; from Primalpia down then holding first at high altitudes on the right side of the Valley, up to intercept the signals that lead to the largest of the Lakes, and here, on the 
left side, up to Cevo; from Talamucca is made a brief trip to Primalpia.
Equally interesting are the step listed on 2574, IGM and subsequent descent to bivouac Bottani Cornaggia and here at Poira and Morbegno (climb up towards the Southeast, gaining apparent depression of the pass on the right side, for whom the salt Canyon Terminal, and then down to the right on a track signposted trail).
A third possibility is the climb to passo del Colino (2630 m), from which it descends in alta val Toate and Poira (see above path; on the Canyon terminal does not climb to the right, but you are pointing to the East, towards the obvious step nozzle, then down easily at the center of the Valley-dir. East-, and hence southward; from alta val All you can also easily switch to the Lakes of Spluga Valleyclimb a few steps listed 2412, IGM to the left of the elegant Tower of the Bering Strait).